End of Session Report


HB 51 Fails on Senate Floor

Today, the 2019 Legislative Session came to a close. Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support, emails, calls, and notes to Legislators, and to those who travelled to the Roundhouse for rallies, lobby days, or to testify. It was your voices and stories that helped us reach the legislators that stood strong to protect access to safe and legal abortion care in New Mexico.

We are sad to report that House Bill 51 to decriminalize abortion did not pass the Senate. The bill failed on an 18-24 vote on the Senate floor, after being overwhelmingly supported on the House floor and throughout the Committee hearing process. It is absolutely critical to know and share widely that safe, legal, and regulated abortion care continues in New Mexico. We will fight to make sure that never changes.

As people of faith and conscience, we know that the decision to have an abortion is deeply personal and should be left to a woman, her family, and her doctor, in consultation with her faith. We remain steadfast in this knowledge, and will use our faith as a source of strength to continue to fight for communities around our state to ensure that women are able to make their reproductive health choices without fear or shame. One of the most critical things we can do is combat the misinformation spread about this bill.

A vote for HB 51 would have:

  • Repealed an old law that makes abortion a crime if/when Roe is overturned,

  • Kept health care providers from facing prison for providing safe health care,

  • Kept women from facing injury, death, or criminal investigation, charges, and incarceration, and

  • Affirmed that health care is not a crime.

Moving forward, we must continue to support access to abortion care for New Mexican women. We are disappointed in the Senate vote, but we continue to fight for women, families, and health care providers to make sure abortion care remains safe, legal, and accessible in our state.


Thank Your Legislators Who Stood Strong in Support of Women's Access to Abortion Care

We need your help now more than ever! Even though HB 51 did not pass, the work still continues. Please help us move this work forward by:

  1. Thanking legislators who supported the bill by clicking here;

  2.  Staying connected with us on our Facebook and our Twitter pages;

  3.  Attending an upcoming legislative debrief. We will keep you updated about Legislative Debrief events coming up in your community.

Volunteer Orientation Coming Up
March 30, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

We need volunteers to host patients in your home who can't or shouldn't stay in a hotel, and drivers for patients who can't or shouldn't drive to their appointments. We also need volunteers to pick up supplies for our care packages and bring them to the office. You must consent to a background check and driver's record check to be a hospitality or driver volunteer.

Come find out about patient instructions, aftercare, emergency procedures, and contact information. Everything you need to know to make sure that patients are safe and comfortable when they are in your care.

No need to commit yet! We encourage you to attend the orientation before you make your decision. We'll let you know the location once we get your RSVP.

HB 89: Contraceptive Equity Passed the Senate


The Session did have a bright spot for reproductive care: HB 89 passed the full Senate on 3/14 by a vote of 25-8!

This bill expands insurance coverage for contraception without cost sharing for over the counter contraception, vasectomies and external condoms, and it received bi-partisan support through both the House and the Senate . This bill now heads to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to be signed into law.

Pregnant Worker's Accommodation Bill Fails to Make it to Senate Floor


After being passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee on 3/14, the Pregnant Worker's Accommodation Bill (HB 196) was not voted on by the full Senate before the Session ended. We want to thank all the people who contacted their Legislators in support of this bill. We will continue to fight for the wellbeing of pregnant workers, because we believe that nobody should be discriminated against or fired based on conditions relating to pregnancy or childbirth. 

Amber Royster