Safe Clinics & Medication

Abortion means you are choosing to end a pregnancy. You will need to make an appointment with a provider, find transportation, and secure funding for your abortion. Depending on how far along your pregnancy is, you may have different abortion methods available to you.

Surgical Abortion: Is a procedure where instruments are inserted into the uterus and is done in a medical office or clinic by a licensed medical clinician.

Medication Abortion: Requires a visit to a clinic or office and uses two medications to cause a process similar to a miscarriage. Some of the process may happen at home.

The NM Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice only recommends National Abortion Federation Member Clinics.

The National Abortion Federation sets the standards for quality abortion care through evidence-based Clinical Policy Guidelines (CPGs), which were first issued in 1996 and are revised annually. NAF also provides the accredited continuing medical education and professional training and support health care professionals need to provide the highest quality abortion care. NAF clinics provide both medication and surgical abortions.

If you cannot find a provider…

If you live in the United States, both medication and surgical abortion is legal in every state. However, it is a crime to induce a medication abortion if you do not get the medication from a doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or nurse midwife who is authorized to provide these medicines. It is also a crime to help a woman to get the medication or attempt a surgical abortion if you are not a licensed medical clinician. The penalty for this depends on the state in which you live, but can carry serious fines and prison sentences.

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Amber Royster