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Social Media Actions to expose and fight latest ACA repeal ideas

If we can prevent the Senate from passing repeal legislation before September 30, we will have blocked their ability to pass Republican-only health care legislation for the foreseeable future. But if the Senate passes Graham-Cassidy, the House faces no similar time limit on their ability to pass the bill. They could—and likely would—move to immediately take up the Senate bill and pass it without changes, sending it to Donald Trump for signature.

Tireless (and loud!) constituent power killed TrumpCare in July.  But because we live in a state with two Democratic Senators who support the ACA, you may be asking yourself: what more can I do? How can I influence persuadable Republicans in red states who may be on the fence?

Well, we have an answer! Click here for The Indivisible blue state/red state calling tool.

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  1. Pat Pedersen says:

    Please stop repeal of all A C A legislation! Thank you!

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