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Social Media Actions to expose and fight latest ACA repeal ideas


President Trump, Speaker Paul Ryan and the Republicans in the House have taken the first major step toward undoing the major advances for women’s health that we won with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Mothers and our families have a lot to lose if the ACA repeal bill is approved by the Senate.

Here’s what MOMS have to LOSE:

  • Guaranteed coverage for maternity and newborn care. States could allow insurance companies to drop coverage for maternity care and other Essential Health Benefits.
  • Protection against being charged more for health insurance because you gave birth through a C-section. States could allow insurance companies to once again charge us more if we have what they decide are “pre-existing conditions” (such as breast cancer, diabetes or even having been a victim of sexual assault), and if we are applying for coverage after a gap of just eight weeks.
  • Guaranteed coverage for mental health care, including treatment for post-partum depression. States could allow insurance companies to drop mental health care, an Essential Health Benefit, from their plans.
  • Guaranteed coverage for hospitalizations, doctor visits and prescription drugs for you and your family. All of these are Essential Health Benefits that must be covered under the ACA, but that states will be able to let insurance companies drop if the bill becomes law.

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Advanced Actions:

National Women’s Health Week Actions (May 15-20)
Crash the #NWHW Twitter Thunderclap- May 15, noon ET
This National Women’s Health Week (NWHW), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) wants to send this bland women’s health message with a thunderclap:

“It’s Nat’l Women’s Health Week. Take steps for a healthier you & let today be the day you say “I AM WORTH IT!” #NWHW”

But… We know how HHS and the White House really feel about women’s health care! Using their hashtag, #NWHW, let’s send a louder message about how HHS, the White House and Congress are attacking women’s health care this #NWHW. Here are some sample messages to “take over” their hashtag.

  • Under #trumpcare, domestic violence and sexual assault could be pre-existing conditions! This #NWHW let’s tell them women should NOT be charged more after trauma!
  • This #NWHW we must fight to make sure our maternity coverage isn’t sacrificed by #trumpcare.
  • With not one woman working on the Senate #trumpcare bill, we can only imagine how women will fare. This #NWHW make your voice heard and demand affordable healthcare!
  • During #NWHW remind @WhiteHouse that postpartum depression shouldn’t be a preexisting condition that costs women more for care! #MHAM
  • Get your mammograms this #NWHW while you can! If #trumpcare passes, millions of us will lose coverage.
  • Having an irregular period shouldn’t result in higher insurance premiums! This #NWHW let @WhiteHouse know this is unacceptable!
  • During this #MHAM and #NWHW let @hhs know we must protect women from having their depression become a pre-existing condition+raise costs!
  • Anemia mainly affects women of childbearing age! Stop #trumpcare from letting insurers classify it as a pre-existing condition! #NWHW

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