NM Legislature 2018

The New Mexico state legislative session is a “short” or 30 day session this year. Although this session is going to be mostly focused on the state budget, the NM Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, with our statewide partners, are following the bold leadership of our roots in the Clergy Consultation Service and calling for abortion to be decriminalized in New Mexico!

In 1973, the Roe v. Wade decision made legal abortion the law of the land. But many states, New Mexico included, kept old language on their criminal statutes that continues to make it difficult or impossible low-income women, women of color, young adults and women living in rural communities to obtain reproductive health care including abortion care.

We’re disappointed that the Governor didn’t place HB 16 – Decriminalization of Abortion, on the agenda, but your work to help us reach our goal of 5000 names on our petition, means we’re ready to build momentum now for a successful 2019 session.

Other Bills we supported

HM 9/SM 3 Explore Medicaid Buy-in Plan Both passed the House and Senate. These memorials will create a task force, convened by the interim Health & Human Services Committee to seek input from stakeholders and the community to explore a plan that would open up Medicaid for any state resident to buy (even if they are not eligible for it now). Read more here.

HJR 1 Permanent Funds for Early Childhood Education, is one of the smartest investments we can make in our kids and in our state. The joint resolution would help ensure that the next generation of New Mexicans is healthy and successful by expanding early childhood education initiatives and services across the state, including: funding for universal pre-kindergarten; expanding access to family services/resources; increasing home visiting; increasing access for childcare assistance; promoting professional development for teachers; and assuring accountability and evaluation of implemented programs. Advocates have been working hard for eight years to pass this important legislation. Although the resolution didn’t pass, this year was the most successful! You can learn more about HJR 1 here AND read about this year’s efforts here.

 Bills we opposed

HB 56, a bill that would, regardless of their circumstances, force young people under the age of 17 to notify a parent or guardian before they could access a safe and legal abortion was tabled by House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee in a 3-2 vote on Saturday February 3.Three additional anti-abortion bills were never scheduled for a hearing!

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  1. Valari Taylor says:

    I am a women that chose to terminate a pregnancy because I had made a personal decision not to be a parent. I don’t believe that my personal life choices should be put in the hands of another nor should it be criminalized. It is my body, my choice, my life.

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