NM Legislature 2016


New Mexico’s legislature convened Tuesday, January 19, 2016 for a “short” or 30-day session.  This has been a crazy year, with the highly edited CMP videos targeted at Planned Parenthood, and local anti-abortion activists targeting our own clinics and the University of New Mexico’s life-saving research programs.

On Friday January 29, we learned that three bills that take private decisions about health care out of the hands of families and put them into the hands of politicians were introduced in the NM House and Senate. They are House Bill (HB) 275, and Senate Bills (SB) 242 and 243.

Here is what you can do today to make sure you are ready. New bills can be introduced until February 3rd.

1. Enter your email into the yellow subscription box on the homepage to make sure we have your most accurate and current contact information.

2. Go to the NEW NM Legislative website and find the contact information for your Senator and Representative.

3. “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Twitter so that you can participate in the legislative committee hearings even if you can’t join us at the Roundhouse.

Bills we are opposing

HB 55, which would allow discrimination based solely on personal religious beliefs. No hearings scheduled.

HB 275, will restrict access to abortion by adding additional burdensome restrictions and vilifies abortion providers as outside of mainstream medicine. House Health Committee hearing – Thursday, February 4, 8:30 am. Tabled! House Health Committee, Saturday February 6.

SB 242/243 will ban abortion later in pregnancy, voters already said no to this by 10 point margin in 2013. Tabled! Senate Public Affairs Committee, Tuesday February 9.

HM 101 The sponsor of HB 275 is trying to get his bill passed now as a Memorial. It would require that CYFD, HSD and DOH inspect abortion clinics and create a report to the Governor and the legislature. It vilifies providers, scares patients and shames women and families who have decided to access abortion care. The State Board of Medicine already oversees and looks into any wrongdoing by any medical provider in any field. Legislators need to put families first, by addressing our budget crisis, and stop inserting themselves into what should be private, personal decisions. Tabled! House Regulatory and Public Affairs Committee, Tuesday February 15.

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