NM Legislature 2014

Use this link to go to the NM Legislative website and find the contact information for your Senator and Representative.

Question: Why do we ask our legislators to vote to table bad bills instead vote for a do not pass?

Answer: A vote to table a bill kills it, but a do not pass vote moves the bill to its next committee, or to the House or Senate for an up or down vote.

 Anti-choice Bills

No anti-choice bills were debated in the 2014 Legislative Session!

Bills we are supporting

HB 9, Require Newborn Infant Heart Disease Testing, Passed, Signed by the Governor.

HB 306, Dental Therapist Hygienist Act, tabled in committee.

HM 16,  A task force to study the delivery of rehabilitation services for sexually exploited minors and on the effects of a safe harbor law, passed. No additional action is needed for a Memorial.

SB 44, Replacing the terms for General Equivalency Diploma with High School Equivalency Credential. Passed, Signed 3/7/14.

SB 69, A pilot program to reduce infant mortality and enhance maternal health among African American residents. Passed. Signed by the Governor.

SB 76, Dental Therapist Hygienist Act, tabled in committee.

SB 189, Establishing a statewide “perinatal collaborative” to improve health outcomes for pregnant women and newborns, tabled in committee.

SM 4, Equal Rights Amendment Ratification Extension, passed.No additional action is needed for a Memorial.

SM 6, Evaluating and Developing Strategies for Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Prevention, tabled in committee.

Bills we are opposing

SJR 6, Defining Marriage as the union of one man and one woman, tabled in committee (no hearing)

2 Responses to NM Legislature 2014

  1. Paula Steinberg says:

    I am available to do mailings and may be able to go to Santa Fe to support issues.

  2. Jane Anne & Jane D. Volkmer says:

    I want to be on your take action list – so does my mother – we are the Janes Jane D. and Jane Anne Volkmer 5050-792-1169 – we can call or work on mailings – please know I cannot go door to door ans I am mobility disabled

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