HB 16 Petition

Tell Governor Martinez: Add House Bill 16 to the agenda for the 2018 Regular Legislative Session.

The New Mexico state legislative session is just around the corner. Although this session is going to be mostly focused on the state budget, the NM Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, with our statewide partners, are following the bold leadership of our roots in the Clergy Consultation Service and calling for abortion to be decriminalized in New Mexico!

In 1973, the Roe v. Wade decision made legal abortion the law of the land. But many states, New Mexico included, kept old language on their criminal statutes that continues to make it difficult or impossible low-income women, women of color, young adults and women living in rural communities to obtain reproductive health care including abortion care. That’s why we believe removing this old law is crucial.

The decisions to become a parent, when and under what circumstances, are deeply personal. These matters are best left to a woman to discern for herself in consultation with her family, her faith and others she may bring into the conversation. Our laws must ensure the medical, economic, and educational resources necessary for healthy families and communities equipped to nurture children in peace and love. But to do that we need the Governor to put this bill on the agenda for the 2018 legislative session.

Join NM RCRC and our New Mexico partners by signing this petition to call on Governor Martinez to add House Bill 16 to the legislative agenda for 2018. Then forward the petition to your friends!

CLICK HERE to sign the petition!

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